OHAUS D23P60ER Bench (60kg/10g)

  • Manufacturer: OHAUS
    Model: D23P60ER
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- Capacities: 60kg
- Accuracy: 10 points
- Ability to balance the load cell: 60 kg
- Resolution up to 1:6000
- To protect the load cell: Aluminum IP65, OIML C3.
- Table structure balance SUS430 stainless steel, with rubber pads.
- Weight table size: 300x350mm
- Head sponsor mm.lam display high 450 stainless steel.
- The T23 display with ABS plastic shell
- Units: kg, g ....
- Function: mass balance, excluding packaging, should count.
- Display LCD screen, 6-digit, 7-segment LCD, 25 mm high digits.
- Control with 4 function keys.
- Settling Time: 2 seconds
- Voltage: 220V adapter, rechargeable battery. AC adapter with 100 - hour internal rechargeable lead acid batteries.
- Cable: RS232 can be connected to a computer, thermal printer
- Operating temperature: -10 to 400C, humidity 80%. count for the temperature to 310c, linear decrease to 50% relative humidity is 400C, non-condensing.
- Parts of regulation see outside the bubble level and adjustable feet balance with locking nuts.
- Weight: 11kg
- Safe overload capacity: 150%
- Size should stand: 300x350x123mm
- Head sponsor display 450 mm high.
- Preview Size (F1xF2xF3xF4xF5) 210x166x300x123x50mm
- The right size (S1XS2xS3) 715x465x350mm
- Transport dimensions: 745x420x185 mm
Warranty 12 months
Manufacturer: OHAUS - U.S.
Origin: China


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