Panasonic BFV00374 Inverter, 3P 400V/2.2kW

  • Manufacturer: PANASONIC
    Model: BFV00374
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- Power: 2.2kw
- Output frequency0.5 - 250Hz;
- Output voltage380VAC ~ 460VAC
- Ability to 150current overload for 1 minute.
- Input voltage380VAC ~ 460VAC 3P - 50/60
- Works well in the input voltage changes+ 10and - 15%;
- Have the installation screen, display and can set the password;
- Accuracy 0.5 Hz output frequency;
- Resolution 0.1Hz frequency setting;
- Input speed control byhand controls are available, add external variable resistoranalog input and PWM control pulse;
- There are many protection functions as well as built-in functionality for many different control applications.
Simple speed control (conveyors, motors, pumps low speed.)

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