PRODIGIT 33701 Compact High Power DC Electronic load (60V, 1000A, 10kW)

  • Manufacturer: PRODIGIT
    Model: 33701
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33701 Series Compact High Power DC Electronic load

● Compact size (1075H*448W*764Dmm) posses 40KW load capability

● 5 digit V/A/W Meter


● High-speed measurement and communication transmission


● Large LCD Display、setting values can be adjusted by rotary knob or push button


● Voltage 、Current and Watt value can be displayed simultaneously


● OCP 、 OPP test function automatically


● Power ON status can be set


● CC, CR, CV, CP, Dynamic and Short operation mode


● SHORT time setting


● Protections against V,I,W, and ℃


● Voltage meter display the polarity positive (”+”)or negative(”-”)is selectable


● Optional Interface: GPIB、RS232、USB、LAN



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