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Robotsung YS-IH882 High Speed Leak Detection SMD Counter (-16777216~16777216pcs)

Voltage: 220V /110V   60HZ /50HZ

Power: 80W

Counting range: -16777216~16777216pcs

Dimension: L490xW280xH280mm

Weight: 11KG

Voice counting off: Yes

Auto-stop: Yes, stop automatically when finishing counting

Leak detection: Yes, it can detect empty components

Speed: Fast, 8 levels adjustable


Key Features

1. Easy operation. Vertical appearance for both standing and sitting operation.

2. Auto-stop feature. Stop automatically when finishing counting materials. Save labor.

3. Voice promot and count off.

4. Fast counting speed, such as 5000pcs / 15 seconds.

5. Buffer to stop the machine when it is close to the end.

6. Pre-set counting amount, easily get the correct number of SMD components you need.

7. Precisely count the number of SMD parts to better control inventory.

8. Suitable for any size of SMD reels.

9. Small in size, light in weight, portable.

  • Quality Engagement
  • Easy change and return
  • Delivery Avaliable
  • Favorable payment

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