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SCHMIDT D-2010-NW Thickness Gauge (0 – 10 mm)

Standard: EN ISO 9073-2

Application: Non-woven textiles

Feeler (Ømm): 56.42

Feeler (cm²): 25

Test Pressure: 0.5 kPa und 1 kPa

Measuring range: 0 – 10 mm, option 0 – 25 mm or 0 – 50 mm

Resolution: 0.001 mm

Accuracy: ±0.002 mm

Measuring depth: 110 mm (centre of the stamp)

Display: Graphic display

Measuring unit: mm or inch (switchable)

Stroke: Adjustable in 1 mm steps, V = 2.5 mm/sec

Residence time: 1 – 60 seconds

Number of measuring: Up to 250 per test series

Feeler shape and surface pressure: According to DIN, EN, ISO and ASTM standards

Output signal: RS-232 for printer and USB for PC

Power supply: AC adapter 100 – 250 V AC

Temperature range: 10 – 45 °C

Air humidity: 85 % RH, max.

Dimensions: 300 x 200 x 300 mm (LxWxH)

Weight, net (gross): Approx. 23 kg (26 kg)


Special Features

The thickness gauges D-2010 are mainly designed for laboratory use; They are working according international DIN, EN, ISO and ASTM standards

Different measuring feelers and additional weights are available depending on the application area and test standard; on request different standards can be combined in one instrument

Thickness gauge D-2010 is equipped with graphic display for readings and statistics

Touch screen for adjusting e. g.:

– Number of measurings 1 – 250

– Measuring range 0…10 mm

– Measuring time 1 – 60 sec.

– Measuring units mm or inch

– MIN/MAX limits

2 selectable modes:

– “AUTO” – executing a series of measurements

– “MAN” – executing a single measurement

Time saving during series measuring by ideal set up according the  measuring task (motorized feeler, adjustable measuring time and adjustable measuring path)

Statistical analysis of series of measurement (Number of measurings, average value, min, max, standard deviation)

2 different display modes:

– numeric

– numeric and graph


– USB for data transmission

– RS-232 for printer

The standard measuring range is 0 – 10 mm; 25 and 50 mm are optional available

The standard resolution is 0.001 mm

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