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SEKONIC SR-11000 Desktop-type optical mark reader

Read sensor:

Read head: 1 (single side) or 2 (dual sides)

Mark discrimination: 16 steps (256 degrees)

Light Source: Infra red ray (940nm) or Visible red ray (660 nm)

Mark Implements: Infra red ray: pencil only, Visible red ray: Pencil + Pen (Blue or Black)

Read head channels: 1/6*(48channels), 0.2*(40channels), 0.25*(33channels), or 0.3* (27 channels)

Mark Sharpes: Retangle Oval and Circles

Read technique: reading reflective sensor


Error detection: automatic paper discharge, sheet empty, double feeding, timing mark, left end skew, left sheet on the (eject) tray

Interface: USB2.0(High speed)


LCD display: 40 characters(20characters x 2 lines)

Operation button: 5 buttons

Hopper: Hopper Capacity 

50 sheets <option> A4 sheet loading assist

Mark sheet:

size: card(IBMcard)

Width: 82.55 to 228.6mm (3.25" to 9")

legth: 187 to 304.8mm (7.36" to 12.0")

rows: 80

columns: 48 (1/6"), 40 (1/5"), 33 (1/4"), 27 (1/3")

form quality: high quality paper or OCR paper

thickness: 72-135kg (0.11-0.19mm/83.8g/m2 to 157g/m2)

feed speed: up to 11000/hour

suction system: in the device


Printing method: ink jet

Print contents: fix characters (max 20 bytes), sequence number (max 8 digits), date, time (yyy/mm/dd hh:mm:ss)

the number of printable characters: max 28 characters

type of characters: alphabet, numeric, japanese (kana)

character size: H:3mm W:4mm-6.4mm (H:0.1" W:0.15"-0.25")

character gap: 0.8mm-92mm (0.03"-3.62")

print pixels: H:12 pixels W:9pixels

Print Position: on top, main scan direction: adjust head position by manually, sub scan direction: set start position by program

ink cartridge: expire: 6months after open the package or print 1,000,000 characters

exit tray: tray capacity: main: 500 sheets select(reject) 150 sheets

power: voltage/relatives: AC100-240V 50-60Hz

Condition: temperature: 5-35 degree C (41-95F)

Dimension: Humidity: 30-80%

WxHxD: 800x490x365 (mm), 31.5x19.3x14.3 (")

Weight: 37kgs (81.5Lbs)

Accessories: User manual, A4 check sheets, A4 mark entry sheets, USB cable, Power cable, Ink Catridge, Exit trays



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