SENKO SI-100I Gas leak alarm receiver

  • Manufacturer: SENKO
    Model: SI-100I
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Manufacturer: Senko
Model: SI-100I

Measuring range: 0~100%LEL
Display: 1 Alarm LED, 3 Status LED, 7-Segment(3Digit)
Sound: buzzer(Alarm, Reset, Fault), 80dB
Operation mode display: 1 Alarm LED, 3 Status LED
Measuring value display: 7-Segment(3Digit)
Alarm level set: 15%LEL
Alarm signal output: 12V.DC, Dry contact (com, no, nc)
Input Signal: 4/20mA signal
Reset signal: Reset switch
Cable/Distance: CVVSB1.5SQ x 3Wire (Power + signal) / 2,500m max
Mounting type: Wall mount
Operating power: 110V~240V INPUT AC (50/60Hz), < 0.24A
Material: ABS AF308
Dimensions: 120(W) x 200(H) x 51(D)
Weight: 0.48kg



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