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Sensing Precision DP-02 Compact Air Meter range

Pressure Range – DP02: ± 500 Pa ± 2inwg

Accuracy – DP02: 0.5% of Reading (±1 digit)

Resolution – DP02: 0.01 Pa (upto 300Pa), 1Pa (above 300Pa)

Sensor Damping: 0.5s – 32s

Units – Pressure: Pa “wg

Units – Flow: l/s m³/h m³/s cfm

Units – Velocity: m/s ft/min

Flow / Velocity Format Actual or STD Conditions

General Specifications: 

Power: 9V Battery / +5V USB

Battery Life: 50+ Hours

Battery Level Indicator: Yes

Data Logging – DP02: 300 Logs / 98 Points

Serial Data Ouptut: Yes

Length: 173mm

Width: 80mm


Product Datasheet CAM-DP02:

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