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Sensing Precision Grids X – UX-Grids

Standard Sizes Available: ø8mm – up to 715mm diagonal & 680mm Dia.

ø16mm – up to 1534mm diagonal & 1510mm Dia.

Uncertainty of Flow Measurement ±5.0% (can be obtained)

Magnification Factor (M): X-Grid – approx. 1.8

UX – Grid – approx. 1

Versions Available: Standard and High Temperature Systems

Temperature Range: Standard up to 80°C – High Temperature up to 850°C (680°C continuous)

Materials: Stainless steel Grade BS3605 321 S18 tube supplied as standard also PVC, Polyurethane, Acetal plastics & Neoprene rubber.

Special Systems: Polypropylene Systems for Harsh Chemical Environments

Extras Available: Bespoke systems manufactured to meet Customer specification



  • Quality Engagement
  • Easy change and return
  • Delivery Avaliable
  • Favorable payment

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