Sew 1826 NA Electrical Network Analyzers

  • Manufacturer: SEW
    Model: 1826 NA
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  • Price (exclude tax) 3,384,000 VND
    Price (include tax) 3,722,400 VND
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 Loop impedance range L-E, L-N:  0.03-2000Ω (software ctrl)
 Test currents in each loop: 11.76A at 230V / 50Hz
 Voltage measurement L-N,L-E: 50 to 280V AC  (Sine)
 Earth wire/path return resistance:  0.01-2000Ω (software ctrl)
 Neutral wire resistance:  0.01-2000Ω (software ctrl)
 Line wire resistance & transformer windings: 0.01-2000Ω (software ctrl)
 PSC current (L-N) max: 6kA at 230Vac  supply
  PSC current (L-E) max:  6kA at 230Vac  supply
 Operating voltage:  230V±20V at 50Hz  Sine
 Loop impedance:  ±4%rdg ± 2dgt
 PSC current:  ±10%rdg ± 5dgt
 Voltage: ±2%rdg ±1dgt
 Dimensions: 170(L) × 165(W) × 92(D)mm
 Weight: 970g  
Accessories: Instruction manual, Test leads, Shoulder belt, Batteries

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