SIMCO IQ Easy Static Neutralizing Bar

  • Manufacturer: SIMCO
    Model: IQ Easy
    Guarantee: 12 month
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Manufacturer:  SIMCO

Model: IQ Easy 

Warranty: 12 months 

Input Power: AC Power Supply Adapter Kit: 120/230 VAC w/ straight or right angle connector

Output Power: Integrated, 24 VDC voltage input (0.75 VDC max)

Operating Distance: Speed bar: 2” to 9” (50-225 mm); Hybrid bar:

Length: Speed bar: 10.8-156.9” (275-3984 mm); Hybrid bar: 15.1-149.8” (384-3804mm)

Temperature: 0-131°F (0-55°C); Air Assist 0-104°F (40°C)

Cable/ Connector: A low voltage 5 meter M12 (straight or angled) included. Additional cables required for connecting into the IQ Power Control Station

Enclosure Fiber-reinforced polyester

Weight: 0.1 lb/in (1.8 g/mm)

Certification: CE/IP-66

Air Assist Connection: 5/16” [8 mm] OD tubing, quick disconnect

Air Assist Gas: Clean, dry, oil-free compressed air or nitrogen. 100 psi [690 kPa] max

Air Assist Consumption: Air Flow [SCFM] = Length [inches] X (pressure [psi] X 0.003 + 0.038)

Air Assist Materials: Tube- Polycarbonate, Fitting- Polybutylene



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