Tescom TC-5531AP mmWave Pneumatic Shield Box

  • Manufacturer: Tescom
    Model: TC-5531AP
    Origin: Korea
    Guarantee: 12 month
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Manufacturer: Tescom 

Model: TC-5531AP

Origin: Korea 

Warranty: 12 months

◈ Mechanical Specifications

Basic RF connector: one(1), 2.92mm(f) outside and 2.92mm (f) inside

Basic Data connector: USB 2.0

Remote control: RS-232C, Dual Remote Switch

Air connection

+ Main connector : 6 mm OD hose, one-touch fitting

+ Input air pressure : 5 to 10 bar


+ Inside : 206(W) x 436(D) x 231(H) mm

+ Outside : 290(W) x 683(D) x 390(H) mm

+ Door Size :176(W) x 70(H) mm

+ Door Stroke(Open/Close) : 318mm

Weight: Approx. 32 kg


+ Size :  820(W) x 560(D) x 480(H) mm 

+ Weight : approx. 39 kg 

- The size or weight of a package may vary on how to pack a package.

◈ Typical RF Shielding

The shield effectiveness below is measured when the blank panel is mounted; other I/O interface panel results a different shielding effectiveness of the shield box.

Frequency / Shielding effectivness (dB):

18 GHz to 67 GHz : > 60 dB

◈ Absorber Reflectivity

Being measured based on the metal plate (0 dB @ 18 GHz to 67 GHz), and measures the value that is reduced when the radio wave absorber is inserted.

Frequency / Reflectivity (dB) asdasd:

18 GHz to 67 GHz : <-20 dB (Typ.)



◈ Key Features

Specifically designed for Millimeter wave test

Reliable High RF Shielding from 18 GHz to 67 GHz

Pneumatic control of lid open-close

EMI filters on all Data ports

Customizable Data connections

RS-232C Remote Control

◈ Dimensions

TC-5531AP Outer Dimension : 290 (W) x 683(D) x 390(H) mm

TC-5531AP Inner Dimension : 206(W) x 436(D) x 231(H) mm

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