Tescom TC-5570PM OTA Chamber

  • Manufacturer: Tescom
    Model: TC-5570PM
    Origin: Korea
    Guarantee: 12 month
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Manufacturer: TESCOM

Model: TC-5570PM

Origin: Korea 

Warranty: 12 months 

Mechanical Specifications


+ Inside : 805(W) x 764.5(D) x 645(H) mm

+ Outside : 941(W) x 943(D) x 855.5(H) mm

+ Door : 624(W) x 624(H) mm


Approx. 75 kg


Size : 1100(W) x 1100(D) x 1020(H) mm

Weight : Approx. 90 kg

- The size and weight of the package may vary depending on the packing method.

◈ Typical RF Shielding

Frequency / Shielding effectivness (dB)

18 GHz to 67 GHz : > 60 dB

- It is measured with Blank panels. Shielding performance may vary different depending on I/O interface.

◈ Absorber Reflectivity

Frequency / Reflectivity (dB)

18 GHz to 67 GHz : > 20 dB

- Being measured based on the metal plate (0 dB @ 18 GHz to 67 GHz), and measures the value that is reduced when the radio wave absorber is inserted.



◈ Features

Small chamber specifically designed for the OTA test of a DUT antenna within the millimeter wave band

Provides the OTA test environment by applying an optimized absorber for the millimeter wave band

Operating frequency range: 18 ~ 67 GHz

Shielding performance: > 60 dB

Easy-to-move wheels attached

◈ System Components

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