TES TES-3660 Autoranging Insulation Tester

  • Manufacturer: TES
    Model: TES-3660
    Origin: Taiwan
    Guarantee: 12 month
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Manufacturer: TES
Model: TES-3660
Original: Taiwan

-Large LCD with analog bar graph and digital display
-Last reading HOLD display
-Auto discharge of capacitive voltage charges
-AC/DC voltage measurement up to 999V
-Manual data memory and read function (9 sets)
-Mega OHM: (+/- 3% rdg +/-5Ct < 1GΩ ; +/- 5% rdg +/- 5Ct > 1GΩ )
-10GΩ /250V, 10G Ω/500V, 10G Ω /1000V w/auto range (4M/40M/400M/4000M/10GΩ )
-LoΩ : 40.00Ω (+/-2% rdg +/-2dgts)
-AC Voltage (50~400Hz): 999V (+/-2% rdg+2 dgts)
-DC Voltage: 999V(+/-1% rdg+2dgts)
-Resistance: 9999 Ohm (+/-1% rdg+3dgts)

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