TSI HM675 Hydronic Manometer

  • Manufacturer: TSI
    Model: HM675
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vides for inputs for two temperature probes

Large backlit display for use in low light areas

Operates on four alkaline or NiMH rechargeable batteries

Reads in H 2 O, ft. H 2 O, psi, in. Hg, mm Hg, m H 2 O, kPa or bar

Differential pressure range ±300 psi (±2068 kPa)

Gauge pressure range -20 to 300 psi (-138 to 2068 kPa)  

Performs on-board universal flow and btu/hr calculations

Displays volumetric flow when a Cv (Kv) factor is programmed

Allows up to 100 Cv (Kv) factors to be entered

Calculates brake power, heat flow, Cv (Kv) factors, and impeller sizing

Stores up to 4,000 data points for recall or downloading via USB interface

Robust, splash-proof case 

Meter weight with batteries is 2.65 lbs (1.20 kg)


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