Tsunoda SMB-150DG Stainless Multi Bent Nose Pliers (150mm)

  • Manufacturer: Tsunoda
    Model: SMB-150DG
    Origin: Japan
    Guarantee: 12 month
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    Hotline: (+84) 867820758

    Phone+84 (24)62923267

Overall length: 167mm

Head width: 16mm

Head thickness: 9mm

Handle width: 58mm

Nose length: 48mm

Edge length: 10mm

Stripping hole: φ1.5

Bent part length: 19mm

Bent angle: 45°

Weight: 130g 

EAN-code (4952269): 105179

Cutting capacity (φmm): 

Soft iron: 1.0

Copper: 1.2

Stranded copper wire: 1.25mm²

Material: Stainless

Handle cover: Elastomeric double molded resin grips



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