Vessel SRC-01 Surface Resistance Checker

  • Manufacturer: Vessel
    Model: SRC-01 
    Origin: Japan
    Guarantee: 12 month
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Manufacturer: Vessel

Model: SRC-01    

Order No: 621603

Origin: Japan

Warranty: 12 months

Measurment Range: 10^3~10^12Ω (Ω/sq.)

Applied voltage: 10V (R<1.0×10^6Ω or Ω/sq.) , 100V (R≧1.0×10^6Ω or Ω/sq.)

Display: Triple-digit LCD ex.: 3.14 e10 → 3.14×10^10

L×W×D: 190(L)× 101.5 (W) × 54.7 (H) [mm]

Weight:  6.2kg (including the carrying case)

Operating temperature and humidity: 0℃~37℃, 10%~90%RH

Material: Body case: ABS resin


Probe (outer diameter: about Φ66 mm, about 2.3 kg): 2

Curled cord for a body earth (banana plugs at both ends): 1

Curled cord for measurement for the point-to-point resistance and

resistance to ground (banana plug/mono plug): 2

Crocodile clip: 1, Large crocodile clip: 1

Stainless plate (185 mm x 100 mm): 1

Stainless plate: 1

Carrying case: 1

9V battery (006P type: manganese dry battery): 1






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