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Vitrek 2553 Three-Phase Power Analyzer (950Vpk, 400Vpk, 1500Vpk)

Voltage: Range: 950Vpk, 400Vpk, 1500Vpk (see ordering information)

Internal Current: Range: 8Apk, 40Apk (see ordering information)

External Current Transducers (Option E only):

Current: 10Arms for 50ms, 2.5Arms continuous, 5Apk measurable

Scaling (In=Out) = +0000.00A = 00.0000A through +-9999.99A = 9999.99A

Voltage: 25Vpk for 50ms, 2.5Vrms continuous, 2.5Vpk measurable

Scaling (In=Out) = +0000.00V = 00.0000V through +-9999.99V = 9999.99V

RESOLUTION: 0.05% of range

VOLTAGE & CURRENT ACCURACY: (See chart to left)

FREQUENCY MEASUREMENT: 20 mHz to 80 kHz, 0.01%

CREST FACTOR: Range: 1 to 99, Accuracy: from peak results


FREQUENCY RANGE: 20 mHz to 50 kHz

Typical accuracy at line frequencies of 50/60 Hz:

THD: 0.1%

Harmonic: 0.05%

Phase: 0.1°

WAVEFORMS: Actual, Peak Capture, and Distortion content


POWER INPUT: 80-265 Vrms autoselect, 40 - 400 Hz @ 25 VA max

SIZE: (HxWxD) 4-1/2” x11-1/2” x10-1/2”

WEIGHT: 8 lbs

OPERATING RANGE: 0°C to 45°C, <85% RH @ 40°C non-condensing

STORAGE RANGE: -30°C to 65°C <95% RH @ 40°C non-condensing

Digital interfaces (standard): IEEE488.1: Full talk/listen capabilities

Parallel: IEEE1284, unformatted text or PCL compatible



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