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Vitrek 981i Teraohmmeter/IR Testers (30V to 6500V)

DC Output Voltage: 30V to 6500V

Accuracy: +/- (0.25% rdg + 0.1V)

With option HSS2: 30V to 5000V

Accuracy: +/- (0.25% rdg + 0.1V+1V/mA)

Output Resolution: 1V

Loading: Up to 4mA charging, 2mA continuous

Current Measurement:

●Returns current only, from 1pA to 4mA

●Accuracy (Resistive Load up to 1000pF): +/- (0.5%rdg + 10pA + 2pA per kV))

●Accuracy (Capacitive Load 1000pF to 50nF): +/- (0.5%rdg + 100pA + 20pA per kV))

●Accuracy (Capacitive Load >50nF): +/- (0.5%rdg + 1nA + 200pA per kV))

Option HSS2 HV Output current, 1nA to 4mA (for grounded loads)

Accuracy (Resistive Load up to 1000pF), C<1000pF): +/- (0.5%rdg + 5nA + 1nA per kV))

Accuracy (Capacitive Load 1000pF to 50nF): +/- (0.5%rdg + 7.5nA + 2.5nA per kV))

Accuracy (Capacitive Load >50nF): +/- (0.5%rdg + 10nA + 5nA per kV))

Specifications: Valid after 15-minute warmup, for 1 year from last external calibration, and for ambient temperature within +/-2°C of last performed ZERO operation.

Ethernet: High-speed, high-noise immunity LAN interface

RS232 Interface: Selectable baud: 9600, 19200, 38400, 57600, or 115200; full handshake

VICL Interfaces: Provided for control of HV Scanners

Digital I/O Interface: Provides 4 digital inputs and 5 digital outputs. Functions include Start/Stop, Testing, Pass/Fail, HV Present, Safety Interlock, Dwell Timer

Optional GPIB: Option GPIB-9 adds GPIB interface capability

Operating Temperature: 0°C to 50°C

Humidity: <85% RH (non-condensing)

Power: 105-265Vrms, 45-65Hz, 500VA Max

Dimensions: 89mm H x 432mm W x 457mm D (3.5" H x 17" W x 18" D)

Weight: 5Kg (11 lb.) Net / 7Kg (15 lb.)

Accessories: Alligator test leads, NIST traceable calibration certificate with no data, power cord, and operator's manual. Limited ISO 17025 cal cert with data & uncertainties available.




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