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Wayne Kerr 5400L10 LCR Meter for High Current Test System (10Hz ~ 10MHz)

Measurement Frequency: 10Hz ~  10MHz. Frequency Resolution: ≦1mHz

AC Drive:

   AC Voltage Range: 10mV~5Vrms

   AC Voltage Resolution: <1% of setting

   AC Current Range: 200uA~200mArms

   AC Current Resolution: <1% of setting

   Automatic Level Control(ALC): ON or OFF. Maintains constant voltage or constant current at the Device Under Test

   Source Resistance: Normal Mode: 50Ω ; Boost Mode: 25Ω

Basic Accuracy: 0.05%

DC Resistance(Rdc):

   DC Voltage Range: 10mV~5V

   DC Voltage Resolution: 1mV

   DC Resistance Resolution: 10uΩ

Built-in DC Bias: Maximum current: Reserved temporarily

External DC bias: Maximum voltage: Reserved temporarily

External DC Bias Current using 3265B or 3265BQ* DC Bias Units: 

   Maximum Current and Frequency: 300A at 500kHz; 250A at 1MHz; 50A at 3MHz* 

   DC Bias Current Resolution: 25mA



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