Wuhan HTGK-III Breaker Analyzer (DC30~250V)

Service condition
- Input power: 220V±10%; 50Hz±10%
- Atmospheric pressure: 86~106kpa ℃
- Temperature: -10~40℃
- Humidity: ≦80%RH
Safety Performance
- Insulation resistance: >2MΩ
- Dielectric strength: Power to chassis frequency voltage withstands 1.5KV, 1 min, no flashover and arcing.
Basic parameters
- Time: Range: 4000.0ms, resolution: 0.1ms
            Error: ①< 100ms, 0.1ms±1d 
                     ②>100ms, 0.1%±1d
- Speed: Range: 20.00m/s, resolution 0.01m/s
             Error:①0~2m/s : ±0.1m/s±1d
                     ②>2m/s, ±0.2m/s±1d
- Range
+ Vacuum Circuit Breaker: range-50.0mm, resolution-0.1mm, error-1%±1d
+ SF6 Circuit Breaker: range-300.0mm, resolution-1mm, error-1%±1d
+ Oil-minimum breaker: range-600.0mm, resolution-1mm, error-1%±1d
- Current: Range: 20.00A, resolution: 0.01A
- Output power: DC30~250V digitally adjustable /20A (Instantaneous work)
- Dimension: 360×280×300mm3
- Weight: 9kg




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