Yokogawa AQ2200-132 Grid TLS Module (L band, 2-channel)

Device type:  Advanced type (-T6)

Frequency band: L-band

Frequency (Wavelength) range: 190.95 to 186.35 THz (1570.01 to 1608.76 nm)

Grid spacing: 100 GHz, 50 GHz, 25 GHz and Manual (min. 0.1 GHz)

Frequency (Wavelength) setting resolution: 0.1 GHz (0.8 pm@1590 nm)

Frequency (Wavelength) fine turning range: ±6 GHz (typ.) (±51 pm@1590 nm)

Frequency (Wavelength) fine turning resolution: 1 MHz (typ.) (8 fm@1590 nm)

Absolute frequency (wavelength) accuracy:  ±2.5 GHz (±21 pm@1590 nm)

 Frequency (Wavelength) stability 24hours: ±0.3 GHz (typ.) (2.5 pm@1590 nm)

Frequency (Wavelength) tuning time: 30 sec. or less 

Optical output:  +12.5 dBm or more Attenuation range: 6 dB (resolution: 0.01 dB) 

Output level stability:  ±0.03 dB ( 

Spectral linewidth: 100 kHz  

SMSR: 45 dB 

RIN:  –145 dB/Hz 

Fiber type:  PANDA PMF, Slow axis, in line with connector key Optical connector: Select any of FC/PC  or FC/Angled PC *9 Dimensions Approx. 31(W) × 117(H) × 321.5(D) mm, 1-slot wide (excluding protrusions) 

Weight: Approx. 0.8 kg

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