Yokogawa AQ6376 Three Micron Optical Spectrum Analyzer (1500-3400 nm)

  • Manufacturer: YOKOGAWA
    Model: AQ6376
    Guarantee: 12 month
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Band: MWIR

Wavelength range(nm): Min. 1500; Max. 3400

Wavelength accuracy (nm): ±0.5 (Full range)

Wavelength linearity (nm): No

Wavelength resolution setting (nm): Min. 0.1; Max. 2

Maximum number of sampling: 50001

Measurement level range (dBm): Max. +13; Min.−65 (1500 to 2200 nm) or −55 (2200 to 3200 nm)

Level accuracy (dB): ±1.0

Level linearity (dB): ±0.2

Level flatness (dB): No

Polarization dependence (dB): ±0.15

Dynamic range (dB): 40 (±1.0 nm, RES: 0.1 nm) or 55 (±2.0 nm, RES: 0.1 nm)

Applicable fiber: SMF, G

Purge feature: Yes

Built-in cut filter for high order diffracted light: Yes

Light source for optical alignment: Yes

Light source for wavelength calibration:  Yes



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