YuYang YY435 Laboratory NES713 Smoke Toxicity Index Test Chamber (with Burning 100g Specimen)

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    Model: YY435
    Origin: China
    Guarantee: 12 month
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The NES 713 test explores the toxicity of the products of combustion in terms of small molecular species 

arising when a sample of a material is completely burnt in excess air under specified conditions. 

The test does not necessarily determine the total toxicity of all the constituents of the products of combustion.

The test is useful for the quality control of materials and for research and development. 

It may be used to compare the particular combustion characteristic of a series of both natural and synthetic materials. 

The test may be used to specify a quality of a raw material or product. Combustion characteristics tests alone are not 

suitable for assessing the total fire hazard of products under actual fire conditions.

The toxicity index is defined as the numerical summation of the toxicity factor of selected gases produced by 

complete combustion of the material in air under the conditions specified. The toxicity factors are derived from 

the calculated quantity of each gas that would be produced when 100g of the material is burnt in air in a volume

Size: 1,185(W)×700(D)×2,100(H) mm

Power: AC 220V, 50/60Hz, 10A

Weight: About 150kg

Instructions: Supplied

Exhaust: 50L/s

Tool: Compressed air, vacuum cleaners, methane, propane gas (optional)

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