Yuyang YY613 Fire Resistance Test Furnace IEC 60331 Impact Test Equipment For Wire / Cable

  • Manufacturer: YuYang
    Model: YY613
    Origin: China
    Guarantee: 12 month
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1. The heat source for the belt type propane burner nozzle, its nominal length is 500mm, equipped with Venturi mixer;

2. 3 rows of combustion holes staggered arrangement, the front end of the burner average width: 15mm, hole diameter: 1.32mm, hole center distance: 3.2mm;

3. The test ladder frame of the installation cable is fixed on the support steel base;

4. In the process of testing according to the requirements of different vertical component cable size adjustment test on both sides of the ladder (ladder test length: 1200mm, height: 600mm, weight: 18 + 1kg);

5. The impact generator is a low carbon steel round bar with a diameter of 25 + 1mm and a length of 600 + 5mm;

6. Shock generator in parallel to the sample ladder frame pivot for the center free rotation, and the ladder frame top left 200 + 5mm;

7. The pivot rod will be layered in two parts, the longer part of the impact ladder frame, the length of 400 + 5mm;

8. The front burner combustion bottom distance not less than 200mm, and the distance from the wall of the box is not less than 300mm;

9. Burner axis from the lower end of the 40~60mm cable samples, from the longitudinal axis of the vertical axis about torch cable 100~120mm.



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