Terasic MAX II Micro Kit

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 Altera MAX® II EPM2210F324 FPGA device
USB Blaster (on board) for programming;
4 pushbutton switches
2 red user LEDs
2 yellow user LEDs
2 green user LEDs
2 blue user LEDs
50-MHz oscillator for clock sources
Powered by a USB cable (Type-A-Male to Type-A-Female)
MAX II Micro can be used as a USB Blaster, and programming mode supported depends on the configuration device of Altera board connected to MAX II Micro (Only JTAG programming mode is supported to configure MAX II Micro).

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A complete digital design lab at your fingertips! Equipped with an Altera MAX® II EPM2210F324C3 device and on-board USB Blaster circuit, the MAX II Micro Kit provides users the best and largest CPLD design resource. MAX II Micro board can also be used as a USB Blaster cable (JTAG mode programming only) by leveraging its on-board USB Blaster circuit. 

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